Carpet and kids is an excellent match!

Carpet and kids is an excellent match!

If you want carpeting, but have children, is that even possible? We can say that with great confidence, and we can help you find the materials to make it happen.

Now, more than ever, carpet offers durability and lifespan options you'll love. Even with children in the home, this product line could be your best choice.

Added durability makes it possible

Nylon and polyester have always been great choices for carpet flooring. But now, the added benefit of built-in stain and odor protection has arrived.

That means you no longer have to worry about stains and odors in your floor covering. Instead, you can enjoy living on floors that protect against it all.

Floors with this built-in protection are also easier to clean. As a result, daily and professional cleanings are faster and yield better results.

The comfort children need

The luxurious softness is a fantastic addition to any room, especially children's rooms. Added warmth and comfort create a great place to play.

It's also an excellent surface for toddlers and crawlers, reducing the chance of falling. And it reduces the injuries that can be associated with those falls.

The softness of carpeting is perfect for those who use walking aids, both young and old. In addition, the stable surface makes it easier to keep track of walkers without losing control.

Visit us for your flooring today

When you need a reputable carpet store, consider Carpet Yard for all your needs. Our experienced associates will help you browse a vast inventory of materials.

No matter how large or small your project, come and see what we can do. Bring your requirements and preferences, and we'll do the rest.

When you're ready for carpet flooring, visit our Freehold, NJ showroom any time you're in the area. We cater to residents in:
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